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Project Description


Night Bloom

Materiales utilizados: satén de seda, tul bordado y pedrería.

El vestido es la definición de la noche y una flor secreta abierta a la luz de la luna. Decorado con pedrería en la cola y el la sisa, todo el cuepro del vestido esta bordado con flores de seda azul.

La cola del vestido es de saten ornado con el mismo motivo de cristal que se muestra en la sisa.

Materials used: Silk Satin and embroidered tulle in royal blue

The dress is the definition of the night and a secret flower that opens under the moonlight releasing its personal scent.

This amazing masterpiece is made with a sleeveless body and decorated with Swarovski stones surrounding the shape of the shoulders. The body is covered with elegant embroidered floral tulle of the same color of the dress; and covers the front part from neck to toes, following the straight cut of the dress.

The back of the dress is as impressive as the front. Composed of an overskirt that starts in the waist with an ornament of crystal that follows the same design of the shoulders.